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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is This Goodbye?

B: Didn’t think we’d be doing this again.
Me: Yeah. Me neither. But It’s got to be done, y’know. Otherwise people will start asking questions. Start wondering what happened to us. Why we don’t hang out together much…
B: I know what you mean. We had a good run though, didn’t we?
Me: Yes, that we did. I mean we had a couple of down-times, but we sorted that out…
B: Wait. We had blissful times. I don’t recall any down times.
Me: There was a time you were picky about who would make comments.
B: Oh that, I was undergoing a make-over. You can’t fault me for sumthin like that.
Me: No, I can’t.
B: So this is it then? The end?
Me: well…
B: don’t answer that.
Me: I wasn’t going to. I just like to say “well” a lot. And okkaaaay.
B: Right, so anyway, uh, bye or something...
Me: Bye blogger.
B: Wait, before you leave. Just one question...where are you going to be?
Me: Here
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