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Thursday, April 19, 2007

7 Instances of Randomness

1. Is it possible for someone to get pregnant as a result of someone standing way too close whilst lining up?
2. Do Customer service attendants in various organizations meet up and compare notes on how they messed up someone's day?
3. I'm listening to the radio and that chic that sounds like she's suffering from constipation is telling us to go for the street jam. Is it possible that the guys behind the advert figure there's a section of the public that does in fact feel for this girl and will come forth...
4. I've been rocking the Sandals look for a while and as a way of convincing myself that all is well, I have taken to looking out for people with a similar fashion sense...thus far its dudes riding boda bodas. Roadside preachers are wearing things of this world.
5. Wait a second, some guy outside my office is wearing sandals...he is moving towards a 4 Wheel Drive, He jumps in...he has no fuel, he is flagging a boda boda down...snap!
6. Looks like rain. Wearing sandals sucks
7. I think awesome is a word to describe a situation wherein we are allowed to take Monday off just because Tuesday is a public holiday...Why couldn't this be on a day that actually is awesome?

Brought forth by The 0ne at 4/19/2007 04:22:00 PM


firstie pardon???

4:58 PM  

Sometimes you are grotesquely funny. Like now. And, no, I am not gon' rock any old sandals. I'm thinking lugabire.

7:12 PM  

Dude, I am so wearing my sandals tomorrow. And you are funny!

8:25 PM  

This is why I like to have the comment window open as I read posts...

No 1....is that true? Then I must be pregnant with like septuplets.

No 3....ROTFreallyLMAO....how does one sound when one has constipation?

No 4....Guys, u shd see Ivan's toes(in the sandals)....for real, they look like Tangawuzi!

10:00 AM  

cherie; tangawuzi?? lol!

shall add this to my list of things to see before i die, Ivan in sandals

10:55 AM  

u gotta have it! some brogrens are rappers ---tha CD is out. and from what i hear its ballistic! u gotta have it –mbu the records will take u to paradise. CB did the review.

12:46 PM  

@BeSilent: Okay, take it. The firstie, I mean.

@27th: I tried Lugabire but each time I walked outside something smelt suspiciously like burnt rubber.

@Dennis: It will only work if you don't use a boda boda

@Cheri: Nawe, go easy on the toes.

@Ish: You won't have to try too hard. Still rockin' em.

@RolexMaker: yes

10:00 PM  

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