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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just Around The Corner

Brought forth by The 0ne at 4/15/2007 01:04:00 PM


Wow, you're more talented than you look;)

1:38 PM  

You just can't beat this here guy at it. Can't. Damn. Good.

4:05 PM  


1:23 PM  

Whoa My God i can't believe you refused to go for cutex shopping for this. Anyway i will be in Azerbaijan doing my usual

2:20 PM  

You are such a genius that sometimes I'm afraid to say anything lest I prove my foolhardiness.

4:05 PM  

Okaaaay, I gotta ask. How does a talented person look? Or better yet, how does Ivan look?

I'm not sure that made English sense....grammar etc.

I just discovered the person my magazine's design dept's been searching for.


9:30 AM  

but BS! any chance that those places will stop existing...and the excuses will end?

2:16 PM  

OMG! The Aliens! We are all doomed! First The internet, then the number 4, then hopefully the president, then the rest of us, beamed! Beamed into black holes and stars and boulevards! Doomed I tell you! Doomed!

2:07 PM  

@LBB: I...I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation.

@27th: Cheers mate

@Heaven: ...okaaaay

@BeSilent: I can't believe it either, I mean, who gives up cutex shopping?

@Sam: Thanks...

@Cheri: heh

@heaven: Its slang for this little place we all call ###########

@Anonymous: yes

10:08 PM  

More talent in you,Explore further.

4:44 PM  

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