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Monday, March 13, 2006

Darkness Falls..Or just saunters in,I don't know

I wish to state the obvious my delay in posting has been facilitated by forces that I have no control over. I have absolutely no way of containing the situation. The Power Company has officially succeeded in doing what the Government keeps messing up, gagging people.

For all intents and purposes its not such a bad thing.In fact,its proven to be most insightful.
The guys over at Customer Service are clueless...or at least that's the impression I got.The lady that picked up the phone after 12 minutes was baffled by my insistence that they call me,rather than the other way round. I pointed out, as calmly as I could, that the number I had dialled was NOT toll free and after being put onhold for the said 12 minutes,it was highly unlikely that I would have the credit for a follow up call. Her professional response to this was a series of 'hmm's'...In another setting I am sure she would have bobbed her head a bit and gone like, "get out! I mean like,for real..you're like so paying for this?"
After a while we established, and I say we because somewhere along the line she had me convinced that I was in fact calling a toll free line, that it was actually one of those lines that you do pay for...HEAVILY.
There was no solution though,nope!Her shift was ending in about thirteen minutes and there was no guarantee that the person replacing her would give a **** about actually doing a follow up.I feel for them, there's nothing as inconveniencing as doing the job you are paid to do.
A while later I called,can't recall how long after,probably after like A DAY. and a calm lady picked up...calm is the new drowsy! She assured me that my power would be back around 3am, which I figured wasn't entirely bad...Fate did,and by the time I woke up (after countless dreams featuring returned electricity).there was still NO POWER!
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