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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

To Blog Or Not To Blog...

So I wake up this mornin' right?With my head in the clouds because,as you can imagine its the sort of thing you do when you are in love. The other thing you do is go all out and declare your feelings for this special person to all and sundry (sort of saying,"leave me the heck alone).Back in the day,it used to be such that you would resort to using the radio and send dedications.It was lame and tawdry but it was expected.Now the stakes are raised and the whole Declaration thing has been taken to the net.Think of it as erecting a shrine of some sort for the person you are going to spend your life with on the World Wide Web.
Its pretty nifty and is made THAT much better when both of you actually have the site thing down to a science.No,wait there's nothing to it.Blogs have come and made it THAT much easier.
So you go forth and declare your undying love...your way of telling the world (your friends actually,you have no time to go and tell the world you're in love) that this is the person responsible for your decreased levels of hanging out with thema nd you don't care what they think...In my case its true,I am madly in love with my girlfriend the expanse of sea or land and what not between us is a bitch but we are willing to make this work....But as was the question with the whole radio dedication thing one can't help but wonder...do we really have to go and force this stuff in your face...
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i really enjoyed reading your blog page but this, you're making me sick! either get back to good writing and declare your love in a more decent way (like skywriting) or chance losing me as your sole reader . . . and that's a threat!
wish you the best though, i'm happy for you.

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