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Sunday, March 13, 2005

This Is The Story Of A Girl

Yes,I do realise that this borders on the kind of thing that will have me get sued for violating some law or the other against posting song titles in my Blog.But seriously,this is in fact the story of a girl...

I am the proud second half in a relationship.How proud you ask?Well, for one thing I am putting this up for all and sundry to read.I realise I may suffer the wrath of some you guys that will actually ask me whether I think you have never been in love...you probably have,you just didn't run to the net and proclaim,I'm Crazy About You Virginia...

But I am a very fair person,I realise you get all sorts of sentimental lines and emotional outpourings from Raymond's Blog,the last thing you want is me to go on an all-out mush-fest over the most incredible person I know..(Don't throw the Bible at me and start quoting verses..I said person...God is on another level...)

That said,I'm happy and there's a certain level of trust and hope that's been restored in humanity.Life is infact not such a bad place to be while you wait for things to smooth over,and its made all the more worthwhile because of the great people you meet and know almost instinctively that you want to spend the rest of your life with...and when you realise that this is true you can't help but delve into this...THE STORY OF A GIRL.
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Is this the chick I called up in the UK for you,man,I'm happy for you!woooo!!!!never seen her but she has a nice voice!

5:07 PM  

love's not all it's cut out to be by the way, you'll soon find out . . .

2:57 PM  

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