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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Beware The Man With The Pen

Long title,isn't?Well,there's a good reason behind this...I went to this grad. party over the weekend,my cousin's actually.It was neat and if I could do it all over again...I pro'lly wouldn't...I was pining for the greater part of it.Thinking lots about Vee..Oh crap!I think i just lost Carlo...Oh well,never mind,you're still here.
So after the party I went to the nightclub,because that's just the sort of thing you do when you've gone for a graduation party and all...It was pretty empty (corporate night,which doesn't make sense,why would any corporate type be in a nightclub??) so I moved around a bit,tryina find people that knew me,then I was spotted.I went said hi to a pal who introduced me to his pal...THE MAN WITH THE PEN!!
See,from the offset he looked like the kind of bear-sized person that people tend to fear.Then he asked me what I wanted to drink...There was a debate over Tusker and Castle lagers,but he gave in and got me a Tusker..then he whipped it out (I love where you pervs. are taking this...)he pulled his pen out of his shirt pocket and signed for the drinks...I should have known better than to stay here at that point,Have we not been told similar stories?me neither!
So that was it,throughout the night i kept getting hit with drinks from every which way...and then in an effort to show that we were pals and all,he would do this whole hug thing that knocked everything but the beer out of me....scary stuff this.
By the time the night had ended I was spending most of my time in hiding.I know,its some crazy stuff,Who runs away from free drinks?well,after about 4 drinks you would never be caught drinking,you would to...to the safety of your thoughts.Thoughts of she,and how it should be..well what do you know,Carlo made it this far...
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um, jol means fun or party or date in whatever context you put it. it can also mean cheat if you say 'she's joling on him'. but in the context you read it in it means fun. have a jol with your woman and treat her right ok.

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