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Friday, June 30, 2006

Thinkin Out Loud...

Down With DDT. Seriously, that stuff is nasty. I have seen loads of documentaries that say so. Come to think of it, I also have a theory that involves Ken Lukyamuzi and an alliance of people that do not want us to hear what he has to say about DDT…or the song Hotel California.
So here’s what I suggest, lets grow Venus fly traps that have been genetically modified to (wait for it) EAT Mosquitoes! I know what you are thinking…I’m clearly taking the piss. I am NOT..I was when the idea came to me…at STEAK OUT…doing ROCK NITE some justice.
I honestly see some potential in these things. I watched this movie once called Little Shop of Horrors (and if you have a clear copy I’d like it) and this plant was bloody articulate…then again the silly thing ate people…It was not its fault you realize. It just happened to have a taste for blood…it was a kinky plant like that…also it had Angelina Jolie’s lips…(oh Angelina, when will you adopt me and smother me…)(…snap, that was incomplete, smother me with kindness and affection)
Anyway. Back to this plant issue…I think it would be cool to have a plant lying around conversating with you and chasing away the mosquitoes. I think someone should take this idea to the President. He has time on his hands; we know that unlike we mere mortals the President is not moved by football/soccer/democracy...
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this is crazy, i watched Little Shop of Horrors this month, and everyone in the house hated it! even my 10 yr old sis thoguht it wa sudmb! but i LOVED it! i'm a sucke rfor musicals, and the story was so unresistable! but to this day i get duss (dissed?) "Ishta we know your movies, ah ah! People singing and wierd bi-plants eating people!"

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oh shit, i used my real name! now there's nothin the citizens of the blogosphere dont know about me!

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