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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mind Games

if you've been in Uganda for a reasonable amount of time you know that we are not really...well, we have Power issues. Not over in state house.State House is nice. Its so cool even the Queen of England wants to stay there. Yo true story!...Anyway, back to our power issues. Very sick stuff. The elec goes off unexpectedly, well to be fair,sometimes it is expected, but for the most part its shock and awe.
One minute its on, the next *POOF*...Like that,its gone.
However for the past 4/5 days I have had electricity.Its unnerving.
I have resorted to jotting my feelings in a diary...Next!
Brought forth by The 0ne at 5/27/2006 08:13:00 PM


You are lucky you are in Uganda! It is genrally coo there. Here, temperatures are now over 30 degrees centigrade - and yet electricity co be cut off!

Still, Uganda, with all the rivers it has - shouldn't be having this problem.

8:55 PM  

Consumption of energy increased Omar. Widening of supply to rural areas, to my country Rwanda and I think Kenya must have over stretched Umeme. Not to mention water levels.

Nuclear energy is the future...

5:18 AM  

wats with the pitch? did u buy some shares in a power utility or something? u seriusly expect a govt like that of M7's to successfully pull off the introduction of nuclear energy?
a guy who just "discovered" the existence of corruption amongst his cadres!

5:08 PM  

Hey Deg; I upgraded from that 'nfunirawa?' rhetoric. You must learn to live for humanity and thats why I throw some hours volunteering. So to answer your query, I have no financial expectations or 'goodwill' out of the 'pitch.'

My point is that hydro-electric energy is unreliable to sustain a steady economic/population growth in E.Africa. Besides we need the water from these rivers to sustain our existence, because Water=life. 2 more dams, catastrophic!!

Come to think about it, building two more dams on the nile breaches the R.Nile treaty. Umeme needs to pursue alternative energy sources to compliment hydro-electric. I am sorry young man, but that is the truth.

6:09 PM  

i hav ma best moments when power chucks. i relax back on ma bed & think. there's no power, so those loud-mouthed chelsea fans and 'matrix' lovers chill. women talk is no more when power goes. that's why darkness at night sometimes is but a blessin.

6:25 PM  

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