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Friday, May 19, 2006

What next?

I am at a very bad place right now.The realisation that I am about to end my campus tenure (somewhat) and join the hustlers..ha! That's rich...What I meant to say is,join the people who have rushed through a half-baked University education to realise that there is infact a great big world out there and it's baying for blood.

I've oft said this and I'll reiterate...I think the way forward is pursuing a career as a local artist.(read; a musician born and bred here). Its got loads of perks,like...uhm getting in to the Street Jam without paying a dime.

I think I will spruce it up a bit. I will pioneer the collaboration as it was originally meant to be..like the Touch It Remix. I intend to go all out and engage all the artistes worth performing i this project. And once I've got both of them,we will unleash upon the masses a video to rival the video that everyone is talking about at the moment. (is it that obvious that I'm not really following trends?)

And incase you are wondering, yes,I have infact got a name picked out....
Voracious Reptile!

Disclaimer: In the unlikely event that my Spellings are a bit dodgy,its not due to some attempt to be "one-with the artistes of the world", but rather a keyboard malfunction...
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I was born smart then education made me stupid. But I can make a good manager,holla if you ever need one.

7:13 PM  

i was about to remind u that one needs some sort of musical talent in order to be a musician.. then i remembered u wanna be a local artist.. and then i thought of these ugandans i recently saw in concert here in LA and decided to shut my mouth! go on, break a leg!

2:37 AM  

can i be your manager?
i'll fetch yr drycleaning, pick up chicks (4 us) in your landcruiser, beat up other "artistes" on your behalf with plastic knives and diss jkazoora when he hosts our competition on his show.
plus i can hook u up with julianna, sori..wats dat? Iryn is flava of the moment? sawa, consider it done.

8:52 PM  

umm, sori again, but was that Iryn Namubiru or Irene Zikusooka?

8:53 PM  

Dude, you can't be that. You have to misspell it. Vorashus Reptyle. More like it.

3:24 PM  

U still need a title,its the in thing,sum thing like Mr.President..nah.His Majesty..nah.Yes i get it HIs Holiness Voracious Reptile!

9:58 PM  

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