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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

All I Want For Christmas...

As I write this,Christmas songs are blaring around town,a presenter has made the observation that (s)he has played the first Christmas Track this year (Big deal in some parts,I suppose) and some optimistic people are waiting for presents.
Its a nice thing,optimism.It makes you blind to lots of stuff.
I'm obviously not going to get what I really want for christmas. Well I can't be too sure can I? It is Christmas afterall and miracles do happen,so I won't sulk just yet.
Ofcourse it doesn't hurt for a plan B,while I wait for her.(It takes an incredibly slow person to actually try and figure out what I want for christmas,I've laid out the clues)

Anyway,on a somewhat serious note (I say somehow incase someone thinks I was kidding about the initial gift list.I really do want that stuff).What I really want for Christmas is Happiness.That's it. She may not be here,but she's still in my life,so that keeps me going.

Then I've got y'all who may have impacted my life in one way or another. Judging by the size of my phone book can not really go around doing a metion of each and everyone of you,and I don't want to explain how I forgot one or two of you.

My writing buddies.
The peeps that keep me going, that actually ask me why I am taking my sweet time with posts. the people that help me aspire to be what I keep thinkin' I can be. If I've written with you sometime you fall in this category.If you have a blog and I've seen it,you also fall here.

My drinking posse.
How do I break this down further. We've done drinks this year.We are yet to say we got wasted properly.I'd like to say we'll get there some day,but that attitude's for losers...We have to be specific with this stuff...

My workmates.
You'd think I'd be able to actually start identifying people one by one in this here category. Good times with had,wouldn't want to kill that with some random cynical remark.

My Campus Buddies
The people I talk to so that anyone seeing me at the University is under the impression that I posess some skill at interacting after all.For deceiving the masses that I have a spine and a heart, I applaud you and would recommend that you spread some of this deception in the visa office of...

My Campus Buddies II
I tend to miss out on lectures and you happen to have notes,how you do it is beyond me,but I will not look the gift horse in the mouth.I'll keep leechin'. Thanks you lot...Clarification,in as much as you seem to be turning up in many of the categories,this is the one you do not feature in Darlyne ;o)

My Campus Buddies III
Anyne that has said in passing (drive-by-mention) that a coursework is due...or is actually holding on to my coursework for me...conveniently leaving out the motive for this act of kindness (so you can gloat as you hand it over)

Le Familia
You've kept me grounded,kept me sane and in ways even I have failed to comprehend kept me in school.I ain't hating on y'all.I appreciate you.Big time.I am even willing to overlook the fact that you've refused to visit my blog,in which case this paragraph is sorta useless...(look look,I used the word "sorta")(Anyone that gets the underlying reference to the word "sorta" also happens to be a great pal and...and all that).
Thank you for being there for me for real!

Just about anyone I have had a conversation with,that I've had the pleasure of dissin' and gettin dissed back.You all make it worthwhile to live life the way I do..not quite in the way she does,but you all have lots going for you.

Merry Christmas All,

And to all A Happy New Year!

***This is not the last post of the year***

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u said this was not the last post of the year?

9:25 PM  

plus, anyone who remembers the "sorta" joke is way too old to be here. can you believe how old we've grown? i mean i'm having my 20th birthday this year finally!! don't listen to me, I'm "sorta" emotional with all the memories. Jah bless dude and Happy New Year since I forgot Christmas.

1:34 PM  

this is an application... and not of the -notorious-in-single-sex-boarding-schools variety, but one to be a 'writing buddy'! check out my blog

12:13 AM  

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