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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The World's A Stage: Miss University

The Players:Johnny M. , Abedi Nasser Obole
The Guest Stars: Mera,Solo,James

The Plot: Set up a pageant of Mega Proportions,receive acclaim and do it again next year Pageant is to showcase the beauties of all the Universities in Uganda.

The Story Unfolds
From the word go,it seems like a very feasible idea.It has lots going for it.The key factor being the fact that there is actually no Miss Uganda contest this year in which case this is infact ideal...idyllic,you get the picture.The Miss Uganda contest gives ladies the opportunity to come out of hiding and show off what they have.In recent times it has also availed them the opportunity to show what they lack as far as Sense and Sensibility are concerned. Its absence means there ought to be an avenue for the ladies to vent their...well to flaunt what they've got.

Realising that this thing is going to require some sort of skill,the key players bring in Mera. A law Student,she has successfully organised several fundraisers and this should be right up her alley...or at least that's what the key players of this thing (what will later be referred to as a debacle) seem to think.It helps that Mera has a flair for getting things done and has previously shown an amazing ability to get things done.
That said,she is asked to come on board to dispense advice.

Somewhere along the line someone makes it known that there is infact another Inter-University pageant being planned.In their infinite wisdom,the players place Mera on the chopping block without her consent (as is usually the case in such cases) and make it known to the Red Pepper (Uganda's Leading Tabloid,or so it proclaims) that she is organising a pageant.They conveniently leave their names out of this and the story runs.

Mera is understandably pissed and an apology is issued to her by the players in this tale.But its too late,the tabloid has picked up a fascination with Mera and a few days later claims that she is sinking Ugshs.70million into the function.

Mera decides this thing is not really going as it ought to and opts out of the whole thing. Ordinarily people would leap at the opportunity to be linked to so many zeros/commas as far as money is concerned,but the heroine of our tale wasn't keen on this.

There's a snag...
Things take a nasty turn and its beginning to look like the Pageant might not happen.The key reason being the curious absence of money.I use the word curious in the broadest sense and to better understand why it is infact a curious situation,we have to look at...The Background...

The Background we have to look at
In the beginning there was money,and in this money were numerous possibilities.Possibilities such as expensive lunches,loads of airtime and the ability to totally ignore sponsors of the event...

and The Snag goes on...
So there's no money,well there is,but its not enough to actually pull off a beauty contest..or run adverts...or print posters..or buy a text book.Somewhere along the line a mysterious force emerges on the scene and says he will buy the outfit...price tag: $30,000.
Money is a wonderful thing and the players happen to think so too,so they hand over their cheque book and other important documents even before money has changed hands.Such is the faith of these people.

The snag reloaded...
During the course of events (you may recall these events as money not changing hands) the price tag drops Mysteriously(?) to $12,000.It never materialises and its starting to look like this thing just won't happen.

Announcing more special appearances
At this point Solo and James emerge on the scene.Its worth noting that loads of people were sure this thing had potential,these two being part of that generalisation. So they make a few suggestions,but many seem to keep hitting the proverbial wall which is manifested in the person of Johnny M.
Mera is back on board,still as advisor,not quite as person organising the thing.
For the record,advisors do exist in the world outside politics.

I'd like to propose a toast...
A cocktail is organised to help reinforce the public's confidence and also try to convince companies to jump on board and sponsor this thing.Its a brilliant idea whose only setback (initially anyway) is the fact that...Mera's back in the news
Rumour (the guardian of "it") has it that the cocktail achieved its purpose,but the players managed to mess up the whole thing and numerous potential advertisers are lost...

The end is at hand
There is talk of postponing this thing,there isn't enough money to make it happen.or buy a text book..but the players hold on to the belief that massive advertising will make a difference.it probably would if it was free!

This is it...
The show flops...Badly,rumour has it again that the organisers are going to go back to the drawing board and take this from the top.Those in the know,ie,the brilliant ones among us,know that's not happening soon.

Casualties of War...
Mera is the press' darling.the attention she's getting is the kind that would probably inspire a song or Whitney Houston to invite her over to divert the public eye from her.She (Mera,not Whitney) has been portrayed in the press as the organiser of the function which is not just unfair but is a total lie.This owing to the fact that her role was not too different from that of..
Solo who has escaped the press mentions but is owed a reasonable amount of money.A figure that might be overshadowed by that owed to
James.A car of his has been used as collateral behind his back (this mode of operation was seen earlier,so the culprits need no introduction) and he is properly pissed.he won't show it,but it is expected.

My heart goes out to those unfairly implicated in this saga..and whoever might have plans of organising a similar function anytime soon...
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right on mate, you got it going on. pity about Mera though, isn't it? drat.

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she a really nice one that Mera, isn't she? damn, damn, damn!

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own up, the one, how much did u sink in this titanic project. by the by.

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