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Monday, November 27, 2006

And so it starts...

He stares at the sky. Tries to make some sense of it, but he can’t. This is different. He looks at the sheet of paper before him and utters a sigh. No one had foreseen this. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. The newspapers were filled with stories of strange happenings. “Miracles”, was oft the term they used. And now as he stared at the sky, the large star shining so bright on this, this silent night, he reaches out for his cellphone.

Elsewhere, in a field not too far away:

Life’s been tough, making ends meet hasn’t been easy, but what does one expect? Indeed, what does life expect of a person that lives to look after a herd, or a group of people. So as they sit, tending their flock by night, they are not prepared for what’s about to take place. Stories are exchanged, tales narrated. Someone points out the star glowing overhead. Someone opines that it must be a sign of some sort. Laughter rains down on this theory. As they stare up ahead a second light appears. It glows bright and it moves towards them. The sheep go on as though nothing is happening, the shepherds know better. For what was once a glowing light moving towards them has taken on the form and features of what is, without a doubt, a man.

A couple of months past:

She is a young lady in love. She is in the prime of her life and she is happy. She is also, not quite prepared for the light that comes seemingly out of nowhere and the man that steps out of it. She is also not ready for the news he gives her.

“Pregnant?”. It’s as much a question as a statement. He can’t believe it. He knows she has been true to him. Bless her. He is but a mere carpenter, but she loves him so. But she is pregnant and hardly making any sense. She says a man appeared to her in a burst of light and told her she was carrying “The Messiah”. He doesn’t know what to do. On the one hand, he loves her, is crazy about her, on the other; she’s pregnant and as far as he can tell, it’s not his child. Then he too sees the light…

He looks at the screen on his cellphone after he hangs up. He tries to comprehend what he has just been told. A star shining so bright surely signifies something. And not just anything. This could very well be the savior of whom the people have spoken. He stares at his monitor and then makes his mind up. He sends mail to the third in their little group. “The Wisemen” is how they are oft referred to. Tonight this term takes on a whole new relevance.

It starts tonight and life as they know it, as we all will is about to get some meaning…
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And that's life as we live it!!!

6:04 PM  

And the main man, H.E. Rod has goons all over the place, waiting for this "sign" yet their GPRS systems seem to be be totally usseless.

You are a genius.You solved the PUZZLE.

4:55 PM  

Solve it? He has just created it. What is The Evil ONE/ AKA Stewie Griffin doing talking about the Messiah? Puzzle in a riddle mixed with a conundrum involved in a dilemna...

6:09 PM  

@klara: In its own way..yes,it is...

@lovely Amphibian: I will probably borrow some ideas from you...

@baz: Its because I BELIEVE!

12:57 AM  

if this is a true story, either you've found God or you've always had God and have discovered something else brilliant to put your precious faith in.

if this is not a true story, it's not about you but about someone else finding the true meaning of Christmas.

either way, wat gives?? do explain.

2:34 PM  

ur off to a good start. dont mess this up. no pressure

9:06 PM  

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