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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two cents, anyone?

Dunno about you guys, but I have had it up to here with Kampala night spots. I'm "proper" tired of all these teenagers dressed like they came from some new G-Unit video...with no fashion consultant...I mean, seriously people, I should not be able to see my reflection in / on the surface of those jeans. Its ridiculous.

Plus, I don't like the fact that I can't do squat about some kid pouring my drink coz its (the kid in question) is high on some cheap brew...and his inability to give me a good reason to let him off the hook. The following words do not, I repeat, NOT console me at all, " Be easy!"
WTF? Be easy? Dude, do you know what I had to do to get this drink? For all you care I gathered my life savings, or the money I had borrowed to place bets on racing sea horse and used it on that drink..and now you want me to BE EASY? Anywho, lesson learnt, next time I save up, I'm buying a pistol, yeah, tell me to er, BE EASY then.

Then it feels like a bizarre flash back when I head on out. I'm not saying I don't appreciate seeing old faces...well, young exuberant,naive faces are in, but hey...details,right? As I was saying, i don't mind seeing peeps from my past...I just don't like that they seem to remember me as the guy that bought them beers. Go on, give me a break. Seriously, i didn't buy you vanilla flavoured water back then, no way am I going to buy you yeast and barley now. and don't say I OWE you. If you didn't take the fall, or give me your notes back in school...LET ME BE...

And I don't see any reason why I should answer the "you're lost" remark. Atti I'm lost? Have you been looking for me? Why?

You know what, to avoid all this stuff, I feel strongly ...no...scratch that, I'm for a weekend in Jinja..
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200 coin(the one with fish), maybe

10:01 AM  

Meanwhile,,,,,some template. Its taking me places,u know?

10:02 AM  

Friggin' dope template.
Friggin' nice graphic up there. Sonny, you's talented!

2:01 PM  

ah, they grow up so fast...

3:16 PM  

Weya do u people get this really cute Templates??
Am jealous....Yenyewe Lovely one u got here!

5:23 PM  

love this rant...can feel ur anger..

10:16 PM  

this is more urgent than a cool template. although one would be like a bonus. but uh, how do i say this? Mataachi is off the net. yes, and i did not want it that way, but it is. i need help getting it up again. so like, can you help?

4:59 PM  

only you could have me laughing at the thought of a frustrated young man shooting rampantly at unarmed badly-dressed teenagers! well, you and Eminem.

but i feel you. going out at night aint worth it no more, u know?

4:40 PM  

hey mr 200coin!i feel ur pain esp. after that ka summer holiday.Am glad i got to meet u,u made my summer holiday quite memorable.u r one helluva funny dude.hopefully i will c u soon.My luv to u and kiwa.luv ur blog too,makes me a little less homesick.BE EASY on the teenies.Take care!Much luv,Gill.

10:11 PM  

It's a great article you have here. keep it up.

11:04 AM  

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