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Monday, January 29, 2007

Public Service Announcement

There's an article below
Brought forth by The 0ne at 1/29/2007 12:50:00 AM


Now if its coming soon again pple a surely going to dodge dont want to be smoked out of our caves

8:33 AM  

You do make neat designs, gen'lman. Dang neat. Based on v1.0. With more chrome. Neat.

I may have to skip that one. Because you'll shoot me. :o(

9:11 AM  

Given that I'm not the shot-caller, we are still safe...I'm not likely have the details here. Now about this cave dwelling thing...

9:11 AM  

@27th: Whoa! why would I do that? Then again, yeah, I could see myself doing that. Dude, we commented around the same time...

9:20 AM  

@The One: Why you'd shoot me? Well, what should be done to one who snitcheth on a comrade? Public execution. Which maketh me believe someone gon' get shot along with me ... messing up anonymity, I mean.

And, aye! 'Twas a simulpost! Second time it's happening to me. First I was with Magoo. Baz came in a minute later.

8:34 PM  

Gotta attend! We want, we don't want!

4:44 PM  

I can see the bullet in the chamber!

3:11 PM  

damn this template..absolutely rocks!!where did u get the temps from..cheri..u..i think i had better upgrade..and that straka thingy..wow!!genius...pure friggin genius

2:04 AM  

love what u've done wit the place

10:55 AM  

really really cool template

11:33 AM  

@Cherie: Only you would see that ;o)

@Joshi: Feel free to use the Straka thing...if the post is in fact, Straka certified

@Godess: Why Thank you...

@Dante: Thanks...I actually found one you might like..

1:20 PM  

still waiting

12:24 PM  

u know, with the blogger vote stuff coming up. no pressure

12:27 PM  

ooooh, pretty. looking forward to seeing you next week at UBHH!

1:49 PM  

Hi. I'm busting in on all these blogs. Journalist/screenwriter writing to you from New York City and am looking to get hooked up with someone who has personal experience with the LRA and the IDP camp in Kampala, and maybe opinions about the ICC arrest warrants for Joseph Kony, etc.


6:54 PM  

First of all am loving this template .Really cute!!
Am also waiting.....

1:32 PM  

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