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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogger Ate My Post or How I Posted Twice in 10 Minutes

I’d posted something tending towards deep. For real, and now its been taken away from me. I was on a roll, is all I’m sayin .I had pulled off some subliminal advertising wherein I just let a link hide in my text with the intention of whipping it out a little later.

I remember there was something about Rock Music. I think I was going on and on about how its gotten all stereotypical lately and the general consensus is that anything done by a white that sounds good is Rock Music. To that end, Justin Timberlake doesn’t do Rock…Eminem does, I’m sure you’ll agree…

I mentioned something to the effect that I was happy that
Country-boyi had gotten Skechers…shoes that I myself intend to get soon. I think I mentioned that I was just energized…I will also look into the K-Swiss issue comrade!

The title of the post was
Whatchu Sayin to tie in with the link I was promoting.

Back to the rock stuff…I was concerned because, as I go for rock tonight I will be engaged in a conversation with
Dee and someone will exclaim that Kelly Clarkson is not really a Rocker…

This person may well be wearing a suit and not feeling the music…heck, might as well be a lawyer…
…to be fair, not all
suit wearing peeps fail to appreciate Rock…the dude I’ve linked you to does suits and Rock...does one of them better than the other I must add…

So, the question; Is Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” a rock song? Think about this carefully… its an incredibly deep song and pulls at your heart strings, makes itself a swing and gleefully plays in there…The one ROCK-ish thing about it is the fact that you can grimace at the stain on your shirt that’s cost you a set of digits (read: telephone number) and then at some suit wearing dude and mouth, “Because of you” before proceeding with your version of getting postal on him.

Is Howie Day’s “Collide” a rock song? It’s just too deep…what is not deep, but also falls in the “is it really Rock” category is Ashlee Simpson’s “L.O.V.E” its just…well, you know, not rock

I realize Black people do Rock, like say Lenny Kravitz and Eminem, but just so
you know, Iryn doesn’t…

That said…you lot really should be headin’ over to
Brought forth by The 0ne at 7/27/2006 06:45:00 PM


L.O.V.E is totally POP. "Because of you" is in the no man's land between pop and rock.

And about black people doing rock,add N.E.R.D

5:39 PM  

"because of you" totally leans more towards pop than rock, i'd say. and i just did!

10:14 PM  

Rock is dangerous, rock is wild, rock is subversive, rock is not just rebellious, rock is anarchic, rock is fuck you, rock is visceral, rock is primeval, rock is homicidal, rock is violent, rock is insane, rock is bad for you, rock is vanity, rock is a meteor shower of sound, rock is your brain leaping out of the constraints of its social conditioning and flying out into the oblivion beyond called “Freedom”, rock is the truth. Rock is THE TRUTH!

If your song isn’t that, your song is not Rock N Roll.

And Bruce Springsteen is the Boss.

3:05 PM  

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